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NCOM West Coast Regional Conference: ALL DAY, Saturday, November 2nd, at the JANTZEN BEACH Doubletree Inn, formerly a Red Lion. If anyone wants to stay over after the big party on Saturday night (LIVE MUSIC and a bar), they can ask for the NCOM Conf. rate of $69 a night, which is super-cheap for THAT sort of hotel.

It will be a FULL DAY of meetings and biker's rights seminars, including a first for Portland: An OPEN MEETING of the full NCOM Board, which is the National Coalition of Motorcyclists. Bikers Rights activists from around the country will be there, in addition to representatives from Oregon, Washington, California, N. Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, and probably Arizona and New Mexico, too.

Among the speakers will be our own Butch Harbaugh. Gunny will be there, Marty Fox, WA AIM Attorney, Richard M. Lester, NCOM and AIM Founder, and me. And lots more.

The ENTIRE conference is free, so I hope to see lots of my fellow Portland Chapters-heads there!

Sam Hochberg

Oregon AIM Attorney

Toy Run Benefit October 19 at the Kenton Club. Music by the "Vagabonds" starts at 8:30. $5.00 donations accepted at the door for singles or $8.00 for a couple. Contact Jimbo, 503 777 6955..

Toy Run kudos From Mike Hodges: You folks are doing a great job. You have a lot to be proud of. I remember one year in '85 when the ABATE Toy Run put almost $14k into the bank for the kids, and we thought we had reached the top, and boy were we wrong. At the next meeting I was asked to give a report on the run. Before me was the MDA rep giving us a report on the Harley Davidson Labor Day Run for Jerry's Kids. He had fancy pie charts showing how out of $1 million this percent went to this and that percent went to that and Jerry's kids got over 40% of the money! Wow!... Tough act to follow. It was my turn, first time, I got out the account book and looked hard. I told everyone about there being over 500 bikes this year and over $14k. We can buy 2 wheel chairs this year! Someone asked me how much of our money goes to the kids at the Hospital? I asked to borrow Mr. MDA's chalk board and I drew a big circle. Now, I said, We don't pay for SHIT! The kids get it ALL! Mr. MDA wanted his chalk board back.. Keep up the good work ! I'll bet you have stories too... Mikey '85 to '89 SE Portland Toy run coordinator. "Ride Free!"

A brief history of the ABATE/Shriners Toy Run and some of the people we do it for....

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