Riders in the Wind

This space is being provided as a forum for wind riders to express what it means to be a part of the brotherhood of motorcycles on the roads.

We share the roads every day with people who have never been on a motorcycle. Some of them may stumble onto our page and wonder what a "Poker Run" is. Some may wonder why a bunch of motorcyling leather wearing chain wrapped bearded rabble rousers make toy runs - and wonder what a "toy run" is. Here is a chance to tell them.

It is also a chance to express what it means to you to ride with the wind; nothing but the road and eternity stretching out in front of you; no yesterday... no tomorrow... only the moment......

So, please, share with people who will never know what it is like to be wrapped around 1000 pounds of roaring metal moving at 95 miles an hour why we ride in pouring rain, freezing cold, and blistering sun.

Share with them, and us ~ your brotherhood ~ what you do and why you do it.

Your submission can be e-mailed to Chris.

I'm trying to capture the idea of riding and it really cannot be fully explained unless you enjoy the fact of riding across country with no particular destination in mind. Hopefully some of the photo's I put in will try and capture that feeling and if you have anything that you would like to submit, please feel free to send them to me. Any photo I receive will be property of myself unless you send self addressed envelope. I really would like to hear from you if you are out of state or been somewhere out of country. Try and have picture of rider and bike with not a lot of clutter to it. Hope to see you down the road. Maddog

Maddog going to Sturgis 92
Bitterroot Mountains, Montana

Tony,Sue,Julio,Maddog,Mike,and the two Germans
Beartooth Pass, Montana/ Sturgis 92

Tony and Maddog
Yosemite Park, California/ October 93

Ben and Maddog
Crater Lake, Oregon/ August 96

Lee Spahr
Fossil Beds, Fossil Or./ May 98

Cookie Monster
Shell Canyon, Wyoming/ Sturgis 98

U-Haul Special
Arches National Park, Utah/ Sturgis 98

Cookie and Dog
Entering Utah/ Sturgis 98

Desert Flats around Black Canyon
Cookie and Dog/ Sturgis 98

Entering Colorado/ Sturgis 98

Samuelson on his Indian
Beartooth / Sturgis 99

Padre Peak, Colorado
Sturgis 2000

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