Our chapter boasts one of the most active Motorcycle Awareness Programs in the state. SE Portland Chapter members voluntarily attend drivers' education classes to help raise the motoring public's basic motorcycle awareness. Typically these classes are offered to high school drivers' ed classes but we also look forward to the opportunity of working with Tri-Met drivers, the AARP's 55 Alive program, and anwhere else we have the opportunity to talk to people about saving lives.

This free class runs about 45 minutes in length and there is a videotape presentation as part of the class. If you would like us to come and talk to your group, contact Geoff White at one of our meetings or call him at 774-7558 or 670-5641 . SE Portland Chapter members who volunteer to teach this class have made the roads in Oregon safer for motorcycle riders, no doubt about it! This generous contribution to our community has been very enthusiastically acknowledged where ever we teach this class.

Our members are also active in other aspects of education. Recently an Experienced Riders Course, through Team Oregon was arranged for our members to sharpen our riding skills. Also members partake in the Seminar to Train, Educate and Motivate (STEAM) held once a year for ABATE members. These classes are particularly helpful to members who are considering running for office. We believe that well trained officers help to run the organization more professionally.

Motorcycle Awareness Classes Scheduled




April 23rd 2002

7:30-8:30 PM

Sam Barlow High

April 25th 2002


Reynolds High School

April 30th 2002

5:00 PM

David Douglas High School

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