Honorable Mention

For over 20 years, Anna has been part of ABATE, serving most recently as Products Director for a year and a half and Chapter Secretary for two years.  Anna quietly takes on responsibilities whenever there is a need.  Her contribution to ABATE is immeasurable and has often gone unrecognized.  When the call goes out, Anna answers.

Anna Dahl

Vicki Messinger

For their tireless efforts on behalf of the children of Shriners Hospital

Shirley and Uncle Bob

For her commitment, dedication, and hard work as Membership Secretary for SE Portland ABATE.

PeeWee Helzer

For his current work in spearheading the Cisco Canned Food Drive and his past involvement as Membership Secretary for the chapter.  On behalf of all those who have benefitted from your work, your chapter thanks you.

Craig Blair

As Legislative Director, Toy Run rep, and PCP for the Democratic party, Dick has excelled and represented ABATE with dignity, sincerity, and passion.  We are proud and honored to have Dick in our membership.

Dick Edmonds

Representing our chapter at the State level and motorcyclists in general as a PCP, Steve is a freedom fighter of the first order.  He is honored here for his devotion to the never-ending task of keeping motorcycling free.

Stephen Baton

With keen competence and high energy, Geoff does the work of a small army.  As State Education Director, chapter Education Director, BikePAC rep, and PCP, Geoff is a model of involvement, dedication, and industry that we can all admire and emulate.

Geoff White

For the second consecutive year, Ron is the chapter's Sargeant-at-Arms #1.  He performs his job with tenacity and 100% reliability.  We are fortunate to have this level of integrity at work for us.

Ron Conway

It's hard to imagine a better man in the role of Public Relations Director.  Bill brings a humor, wit, and earnestness to his job that motivates the membership and represents ABATE in a way that gives us credibility and accessibility.

Bill Cameron

For his years of hardworking involvement with ABATE in many capacities including past vice-coordinator and webmaster for the SE chapter, and current state webmaster.

Kerry "Maddog" Trotter

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