Chapter Officers
Coordinator-Lee Austin
Vice Coordinator-Wayne Pitkin
Treasurer-Vicki Messinger
Membership Secretary-Phyllis "Pee Wee" Helzer
Secretary-Tami Pitkin
Legislative Director-Dick "Scruffy" Edmonds
State Rep-Steve Baton
BikePac Rep-Geoff White
Public Relations-Bill Cameron
Products Director-Michelle Hobbs
Education Director-Geoff White
Ways and Means-Diane Peterson
Web Editor-Chris Anderson
Sgt-at-Arms1-Ron Conway
Sgt-at-Arms2-Don Helzer
Sgt-at-Arms3-Carol Williams
Sgt-at-Arms5-Bruce Crawford
Sgt-at-Arms6-Matt Hobbs
Sgt-at-Arms7-Joey Youngfellow
Sgt-at-Arms8-Barry Skinner
Sgt-at-Arms9-Craig Gibson
Chapter Chaplain-Vic Voltz
Toy Run Reps-Dick Edmonds#1/ Rena Jackson#2/ Patty Dahl#3

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With a membership of over 300, we represent the largest ABATE chapter in Oregon (excluding Indian Creek, which has no meetings or officers). We meet on the first and third Sunday of the month at noon at The M & M Restaurant & Lounge, 137 N. Main, Gresham, Oregon. We have a very good turnout, even on the nice days. So, if you do show up, don't hesitate to ask someone if you can have a seat or join them. We would like to see more chapter members at our meetings as well.

Sometimes it's hard to walk into our meetings because we all seem to know each other like family. Family is a good word to describe people who have rallied on the state capitol steps all day in the rain, pulled a midnight to 6AM security shift at a 28 degree mountain run, and helped new riders get trained and licensed for the first time. It is what keeps us working together as a team. We know we can't do it without each other and we are willing to admit it! Besides, it's what makes it so much fun.

Are you curious about what this busy group of volunteers have in common besides the love of motorcycles? Come in and sit down at a meeting sometime and see what you think as there is always someone new at the meetings. Pick up a newsletter and take it with you or just stop one of the members to jaw with.

Over the last year we have acquired quite a few new members in SE chapter. Quite a few of them have become very active and it seems that the old timers are becoming overshadowed by new faces. The names are many and to credit them would be unjust as I am sure I would miss mentioning some of them for the work they have done. Thanks to all of you from Maddog. I hope you realize how much we appreciate your help and just the fact of having you around as part of our family.

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