Our chapter prides itself on our political dedication and activism. Individual members participate in party elections and in the political process itself, effecting change whereever and whenever possible. Candidates are now even asking for biker endorsements in their campaigns. They are equally impressed when they knock on our doors and we ask them questions about how they feel about the US Constitution. Do you know what the 10th amendment means to you?

Legislative information needs to be current and accurate. We recommend going straight to the source. If you are an ABATE member online, contact Brian Stovall, keeper of mailing lists; let him know who you are and that you want to be put on the legislative mailing list. If you are not online, you need to attend your chapter meeting where up-to-date information is discussed.

Dick Edmonds is our chapter's Legislative Director and would be glad to answer any questions you might have now or later. He is also active in BikePAC of Oregon. When you join our chapter, we will be asking you for your legislative district information. If you aren't registered to vote, we can do that at any meeting and if you don't know your legislative information, we will help you to find it... Thanks to our chapter Membership Director, Pee Wee Helzer.

Other resources that we recommend are the BikePAC of Oregon and Motorcycle Riders Foundation Home pages We encourage you, like us, to support these fine MRO's.

This is not necesarily the stand of ABATE of Oregon, but a view on the candidates ideas.

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