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ABATE of Oregon,Inc.
SE Portland Chapter
. P.O Box 90233 - Portland, OR 97290

The Southeast Portland Chapter was formed in 1981 and is one of the 11 Abate Chapters which comprise ABATE of Oregon, Inc., which is a MRO (Motorcycle Rights Organization)
Our Chapter activities directly relate to improving motorcycle safety, rider skills, rider education, motorcycle related legislation and motorcycle awareness. The Chapter has an ongoing community involvement through the Chapter's Food Drive and the Abate/Shriners Toy Run. With a membership of about 160 members we represent the largest ABATE Chapter in Oregon (excluding Indian Creek, which has no meetings or officers). We meet on the first and third Sunday of the month at noon at The M & M Restaurant & Lounge,
137 N. Main, Gresham, Oregon.
Chapter meetings are conducted using Roberts Rules of Order as a guide. All motorcycle riders are welcome to attend our meetings.
The SE Chapter has six major events/runs each year: the Cabin Fever / Anniversay Party, the Food Drive Delivery, Yer Mother's Poker Run, the Summer Dice Derby, the Family Picnic
and the Abate/Shriners Toy Run.
Sometimes it's hard to walk into our meetings because we all seem to know each other like family. Family is a good word to describe people who have rallied on the state capitol steps all day in the rain, pulled a midnight to 6AM security shift at a 28 degree mountain run or helped new riders get trained and licensed for the first time. It is what keeps us working together as a team. We know we can't do it without each other and we are willing to admit it! Besides, it's what makes it so much fun.
Are you curious about what this busy group of volunteers have in common besides the love of motorcycles? Come in and sit down at a meeting sometime and see what you think as there is always something new or of interest going on at the meetings. Pick up a newsletter or grab a run flyer to take with you. Attend a meeting or come to one of our Chapter events.

State Representative

Randy Phipps - (503) 347-0524

Let me know if you have a motion, comments, questions or whatever to bring before the State Board.

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SE Chapter Officers

Membership Secretary

Craig Blair
(503) 654-4386

Online membership form

Interactive Membership form (pdf)

SE News & Misc.

  • The Aug 4, 2018 meeting has been cancelled. The next SE Chapter meeting is on Aug 19, 2018. The meeting starts at 12 Noon. Hope to see you there.
  • We have 2017 Toy Run shirts available for you wear. The long sleeve shirts cost $20 each and the Henleys cost $20 each. Contact Sammy at:(503) 995-5865
  • All of the 2015 and earlier Chapter run shirts are on sale for $5.00 each. Visit the SE Chapter Mini Mall for more info. 
  • Please fill out the Stop Report to report traffic stops and incidents of harassment or profiling
  • Our Chapter Historian Melinda McCrossen wants you to send or give her photos that you've  taken at runs or events. 5 pics will get you a free raffle ticket in our Chapter drawings.
  • Visit the BikePac website for legislative updates.
  • Please fill out the Chapter Survey Tell us what you think. We'd like to know what we are doing right and what we need to correct.
  • Join BikePac to help them help us in our legislative efforts. This is a "slam dunk" it!
  • Join AIM. It's to your benefit to do so and it's free!
  • Do you want to write a letter? By all means use the interactive SE Chapter Letterhead & use the interactive SE Chapter  Envelope

Organizational Documents (Recommended Reading)

ABATE Bylaws pdf

ABATE Manual pdf

ABATE Sanctioning Guidelines pdf

ABATE Sanctioning Form pdf

ABATE Expense Report Form pdf

SE Chapter Officer Guidelines pdf

SE Chapter Meeting Minutes