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Motorcycle Awareness Education

Our Chapter boasts one of the most active Motorcycle Awareness Programs in the state. SE Portland Chapter members voluntarily attend drivers' education classes to help raise the motoring public's basic motorcycle awareness. Typically these classes are offered to high school drivers' ed classes but we also look forward to the opportunity of working with Tri-Met drivers, the AARP's 55 Alive program, and anywhere else where we have the opportunity to talk to people about saving lives.

This free class runs about 45 minutes in length and has a video presentation as part of the class. If you would like us to come and talk to your group, contact us. The Chapter members who volunteer to teach this class have made the roads in Oregon safer for motorcycle riders.This generous contribution to our community has been enthusiastically acknowledged wherever we teach this class.

Oregon law requires you to successfully complete an approved TEAM OREGON basic course before you apply for a motorcycle endorsement. Visit the TEAM OREGON website and sign up for a rider skills /safety course today and become a better rider.

Slider Gilmore's

"Two wheel trauma"

How to ride at a slow speed


How to pick up a fallen motorcycle





Motorcycle Awarness Program (MAP)

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File a Stop Report if you get stopped

Due to the nature and number of questionable stops made by the police in years past and in present time, this form was developed so as to provide those affected parties legal recourse and help in dealing with the police. For additional information contact: Christopher A Slater
(AIM Attorney)

Group Riding Information

The following sources are meant to provide basic information so that you know what to expect on a group ride. Also, your responsibility as a rider in the group is described. Please take the time to read the info these sources provide.

1. Road Captain

2. Guide to group riding

Oregon Law
Rules of the road for Drivers

Alcohol and motorcycles don't mix.