PAC #00019
BikePAC of Oregon, Inc.
P. O. Box 5612
Salem, Oregon 97304

July 5, 2014

Meeting opened at 12:00 by Executive Director, Paula Leslie
There were 7 members in attendance.
Paula spoke and reported on the May Awareness Rally and the attendance thereof. She and all members feel that more attention must be given to increasing the attendance. Fossil Run was fun and we also made some money from sales and memberships.  Motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes and financial report—Approved.
Kathy then gave a membership report. Motion made, seconded and approved to accept
Paula noted that there is senator willing to sponsor a bill on the ethanol problem. Lane sharing issue is another one he is interested in sponsoring. Paula will work with Andy Olson to plan form introducing our issues. Rep Freeman suggested taking the approach of requiring all premium fuel be ethanol-free.
Much discussion followed as to the government backing off the E-15 requirement.
Most people are not aware of the damage to their equipment caused by ethanol.
A suggestion of approach to the ethanol is a modified bill to link the food industry with the fuel industry. Tom Owen’s name came up as a possible resource for  the ethanol  issue.
Anti-profiling bill is being sponsored by Senator Betsy Close. There is a possible link to the forcible blood draw at  traffic stops. Rep Bentz, Girod, Freeman are friendly to the anti-profiling issue. Sen Edwards, expressed interest in drafting a lane-sharing bill for us. Other reps are also on board with the issue.
The ‘Milkman Mike’ bill is another issue of interest to us. This is about how to hold a party responsible for injuring or killing a motorcyclist. The idea is to have the responding police person to issue a citation to someone at the scene of the wreck. Several Legislators have agreed to our request to sponsor bills.  Paula was asked to meet with Law enforcement, to try and get a solution to the problem.
Paula reported on the meetings with the Governor’s Committee on Motorcycle Safety.  The magnetic signs that were developed in Benton County were shown to Michele O’leary for consideration for having more signs made.
Due to the MC camp out in Southern Oregon, on Aug 8-10, ABATE of Oregon will hold their monthly meeting at that function.
Sept 15-17th  is scheduled for legislative day to meet with legislators. Hope for a huge attendance.
Under new business. Doug Tiller was nominated to fill the vacant position of Legislative Director until election can be arranged. Motion made, seconded and approved.
Brian then placed an objection to the way the request for money to defer the costs of the May Awareness Rally was made at the ABATE meeting.. After discussion, plans for the future handling of contributions for specific events were handled. This way certain funds from chapters for events costs will be reported and properly used.
Nic proposed that the stand for the BikePAC banner  be redesigned to accommodate several banners. He will show his design for consideration.
Next meeting is scheduled for Aug 2, at noon at the Salem Public Library..
Meeting adjourned at 13.30
Mel Yeager