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The SE Chapter is always interested in what you think about our meetings or our events, such as the Toy Run, the Poker Run, the Dice Derby or the Family Picnic. This survey's purpose is to get you to tell us about your ideas, opinions and thoughts on your experience with the SE Chapter's activities, events, meetings, operational basis and etc.

  • Your name:
  • Your e-mail address:
  • Day time telephone:
  • Evening telephone :   
  • Your phone # and email address will not be shared with anyone.  It will be for ABATE information only.

We have over 150 members in the Chapter, in your opinion, how can we motivate them to become more involved in the chapter's meetings, events and activities ?

Have you attended a meeting before? Yes No

Why did / do you attend the meeting (s)?

Were you welcomed / acknowledged? Yes No

Were you interested in the information presented at the meeting? Yes No

Was the meeting conducted in an organized way? Yes No

After the meeting, did you feel like attending another meeting? Yes No

What would you do to make the meetings better?

If you have not attended a meeting, Why not?

If you have stopped coming to meetings or don't attend regularly, Why is that? (Check all that apply)
Meeting Site is Too Far Away
Meetings Last Too Long
Don't Like the Meeting Site
Not Interested Anymore
Not My Thing
Work / Family Responsibilities
You Guys Don't Ride Enough
Have Problems with Some People
Only Want to go to Runs
Too Much Legislative Stuff
Issues with the State
If you have other reasons, please tell us what you think.

Have you attended a SE Chapter event? Yes No

Which Ones? (Check all that apply)
Food Drive Delivery
Anniversary Party
Run 21
Poker Run
Dice Derby
Chapter Rides
Toy Run Equipment Presentation
Toy Run
Family Picnic

How did you learn about the event? (Check all that apply)

Website Newsletter At the Meeting Other

Do you think that the events are well planned? Yes No

Do you feel like you would attend another SE Chapter event? Yes No

What would you do to make the event better?

Have you participated in a SE Chapter activity? Yes No  

Which Ones? (Check all that apply)
Getting the food for the Food Drive delivery
Group Rides
Memorials for our Brothers and Sisters
Helped to sell tickets or distribute flyers for our events
Helped at a Run
Sat with the Toy Run Bike at Events
Held an officers positon in the Chapter
Helped at a Chapter Event

How did you learn about the activity?
(Check all that apply)

Website Newsletter At the Meeting Other  

Do you feel like you would attend another SE Chapter activity? Yes No

What would you do to make the activity better?

Can we contact you regarding upcoming ABATE activities such as protests, rides to the capitol, letter writing, special SE Chapter functions and meeting reminders? Yes No

What works best for you? (Check all that apply)   Phone Call Email Website

Are there special concerns you have regarding motorcycle issues? (Check all that apply)
Health Insurance Discrimination
Mandated Rider Education
Mandated ABS Brakes
Denial of Performance and Equipment Mods
Retain the Right to Wrench on Your Bike
Excessive Sound Penalties
Distracted Driver Penalties - Kill a Biker - Go to Jail
HOV Lane Access
Biker Discrimination
Biker Profiling
Mandated Helmets
Mandantory Safety Inspections
Motorcycle Only Road Blocks / Stops

Which Legislative activities are you willing to participate in? (Check all that apply)
Make Phone Calls
Write Letters or Send Emails
Visit Legislators
Participate in Protests
Assist Someone Seeking Office Who is Biker Friendly
Go Door to Door
Help Put up Lawn Signs
Work in a Campaign Office
Participate in Biker Days at the Capital
Go to Salem for Important Legislative Votes
Volunteer Personal Time to Help Support Our Legislative Activities
Don't Want to Do Anything

Is there anything we can do to make your ABATE experience better?

Additional infomation, comments or questions: