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Honorable Mention ~ Stars of ABATE

Barry Skinner

Barry joined us a few years ago and has become quite active in the chapter,he has been Sgt. at arms #1 for the past two years, very active in Run 21 keeping order and making sure everything is running smoothly this is quite a chore in its self, but he maintained his cool and did an excellent job. He is now holding the Quartermaster and Road Captain spots in the chapter. He is very dedicated in what he is doing and is very reliable at what he says he will do. Keep up the good work Barry.


Matt Hobbs

Matt has been with se for a few years,served as chapter Sgt. at arms also state Sgt. at arms and also served as state vice coordinator,also vice coordinator for se chapter Matt is dedicated keep up the good work. He is presently serving as Coordinator for the chapter.

Edd Dahl

Edd has been very active in the se chapter in many ways, he was chapter coordinator for three and half years, also chaired the Shriner's toy run for a lot of years.His dedication to the se chapter is unquestionable, when you meet Edd you should thank him for his relentless dedication, he has since decided to step down as chair and go to a relaxing life of his own,Edd we at SE thankyou for your dedication and relentless hours you have given us.

Patti Dahl

Patti Dahl has been very active with se chapter in many ways,she was membership secretary for several years as she is involved in our all Portland Shriner's toy run, she is one of our backbones of the toy run,I know we will miss her when she feels its time to step down. Keep up the good work Patti.


When Wyoming joined SE chapter, at first he was very shy, and when he got to know the membership, did he take off. He got very involved with the chapter and became an officer (Historian ). He also became very active in Run 21, which I might add, he ran the grueling gate and what a job he did there. That alone is a chore in itself. Hats off for you sir! Job well done!

Lee Austin

Lee joined SE chapter of abate of Oregon In 1992 and has been very active in every sense of the word. He was vice-coordinator from 1993-1994 when Larry Schock was chapter coordinator. At that time Lee took the position of chapter coordinator and what a job he has done since then. Making the chapter grow and prosper to where it is today, the biggest chapter in Oregon. Lee and the SE Chapter are involved in many things like Summer Run, Shriner's Toy Run, canned food drive, and the biggest event of the year, Run 21. Also m/c awareness, map and many other community events.

Michelle Hobbs

Since she has joined ABATE she has been very Involved both on the state level as well as the chapter level. She has been the chapter products director as well as the state products director. Now she is the Ways & Means & Products Officer. And, when we put on an event, she is right there to give. She has spent hours upon hours of volunteer work for ABATE of Oregon, Inc. We need more people of her caliber to make this organization grow. Keep up the good work, Michelle!

Kerry Trotter

For his years of hardworking involvement with ABATE in many capacities including past vice-coordinator and webmaster for the SEchapter. Also, Kerry was the "Production manager" for the highly successful Run 21.

Vicki Messinger

Vicki has served as Chapter Treasurer for three years and has been silently involved in the Shriners Toy Run for over fourteen. Much of the work Vicki does for ABATE goes on in the background. Thank you, Vicki.

Shirley and Uncle Bob

For their tireless efforts on behalf of the children of Shriners Hospital we can never thank them enough for laying the foundation and building this charity function in our organization.

PeeWee Helzer

For her commitment, dedication, and hard work as Membership Secretary for SE Portland ABATE. Not to mention an infectious laff and a fun loving personality that lights up the meeting room every time she is present.

Craig Blair

On behalf of all those who have benefited from your work, your chapter thanks you and thanks you and thanks you. We are still benefitting from Craig for his past involvement in spearheading the SE Chapter Canned Food Drive and his many years as Membership Secretary for the chapter.

Dick Edmonds

As Legislative Director, Toy Run rep, and PCP for the Democratic party, Dick has excelled and represented ABATE with dignity, sincerity, and passion. We are proud and honored to have Dick in our membership.

Stephan Baton

Representing our Chapter and the State as our State Representative and the State Quartermaster and motorcyclists in general as a PCP, Steve is a freedom fighter of the first order. He is honored here for his devotion to the never-ending task of keeping motorcycling free. Plus, Stephan is a high mileage rider with more miles to travel.

Geoff White

With keen competence and high energy, Geoff does the work of a small army. As State Education Director, chapter Education Director, BikePAC rep, and PCP, Geoff is a model of involvement, dedication, and industry that we can all admire and emulate. Geoff, you are a hard act to follow.

Richard Colwell

Richard joined ABATE just over a year ago, and is getting very active, last year he was in charge of cleanup for Run 21 the entire weekend and did a remarkable job of keeping the site clean, he is also learning how to do many other things, such as freely giving his opinions and ideas on how things should be. He is another asset to SE Chapter, keep up the good work Richard!

Bill Cameron

It's hard to imagine a better man in the role of Public Relations Director. Bill brings humor, wit, and earnestness to his job that motivates the membership and represents ABATE in a way that gives us a real wecoming appearance, not to mention: credibility and accessibility. Well done!





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