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Tell me what you would like to see on YOUR web site!

This web site represents all members of the SE chapter. This form has been created so your voice can be heard and serious suggestions submitted. If you don't speak up and let me know what you want now, you forfeit the right to whine later.

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Your Name:
How long have you been a member?
Check the box for functions you would like to see on this web site. Remember that you do not have to know how it works, or that it sounds complicated, just know that all these things are possible and would make some of the membership responsibilities more manageable and benefits of membership more fun if they were available.
On line membership sign up and/or on line pay membership dues.
On line purchase & pay for run tickets, products (pins & patches), donations.
Members Only Lounge
Message Board
On line classified ads.
On line function to file chapter reports, minutes etc.
Your comments, ideas:


Revision Date 8/1/2003