A. B. A. T. E. of Oregon
Meeting: November 2nd, 2008
Officers in Attendance: : Matt Hobbs-Coordinator; Turtle-Vice Coordinator; Vickie Odonnell-Treasurer; Deb Ross-Secretary; Michelle Hobbs-Membership Sec; Justin Handke-Legislative Director: Lee Austin-State Rep; Marshall Peterson-Alt. State Reps; Stephan Baton-Bike Pac Rep; Geoff White-Education Dir; Michelle Hobbs-Ways and Means and Products; Billy Bob-Public Relations; Lauren Schwartz, Matt Hobbs-Toy Run Reps; Stevie Herman, Matt Hobbs, Terry Schafer, Straight Arrow, Killer, Deb Ross, Lauren Schwartz, Kim Underwood,: Sgt. At-Arms; Jim Niece-Webmaster; Stephan Baton-Road Captains; Richard Colwell and Michelle Hobbs-Run Coordinators; Craig Blair-Canned Food Reps.
Meeting Called To Order: 12:02
Meeting Minutes: Amended to add Lee Austin chaired previous meeting
Coordinators Comments: Thanks to Lee and Turtle for chairing the meeting last time
Membership Report: 252
Legislative Report: See newsmagazine. Too many to list here.
State Report: meeting location to be announced
Bike Pac Report: No Report
Education Report: Motorcycle Education class held last week
Public Relations: ABATE tri-folds, Cabin Fever Fliers, Sweetheart Dance Fliers and Spikes Benefit Flyers
Correspondence: Bike Pac membership expires 12/01/08
Historian Report: No report
Ways and Means: Drawing-$55.00 50/50- $28/14 Down Rider-$13.00 Canned Food-$40.00
Products: 0
Chapter Chaplin: No Report
Webmaster Report: No Report
Road Captain Report: No Report
Committee Reports: Toy Run- Sell tickets. Need volunteers to arrive by 9am to help set up canned food-$40 Run 21- meeting directly after chapter meeting -
Unfinished Business: Letter sent to Robert Hale to be re mailed by registered letter
New Business: Motion made to renew Bike Pac for $300 - passed
Announcements: Announcements of upcoming events were made.
Membership Drawing: Scratch Cinquaata would have won $75.00 if present. Remember this is progressive and builds until won.
Meeting Adjourned:1:09
Next Meeting: November 16th, 2008